Why Should You Replace Your Old Garage Door?

garage doors in St. LouisMaintaining the exterior of your house and making it look great will help keep your home’s value.  It also creates an eye-catching first impression which is vital in maintaining the value of your home.  There are several advantages for the home owner when their garage door is maintained. Doubtful?  Here are 5 reasons, which state the need for a replacement of garage doors in St. Louis

1.    Bring Down Your Heating Bills

Traditional garage door systems are poorly insulated and can cause an increase in your utility bills due to constant heating and cooling.  An insulated garage door, will help to keep a considerable amount of heat in the interior of the garage and minimizes the need to heat the main door entrance and the rooms located next to the garage, thereby creating a comfortable environment and wallet friendly.

2.    Increases Your Home’s Value

The first thing that people see before walking into your home is the exterior and garage doors.  When you replace your old garage door, you automatically increase the value of your home.  A study says that a garage door replacement can bring in 83% of ROI when you put your house up for sale.

3.    Minimize Required Maintenance

Old garage doors constantly require maintenance and it can be expensive.  Installing a new automatic door for the garage can save money and time.  The new insulated garage doors require less maintenance and easily are kept clean with a little soap and water.

4.    Strengthens the Security of the House

The garage doors of today are hard to break in, because of the type of materials used and the cutting edge installation procedures.  This makes your home safer.

5.    Minimizes the Insurance Rates of the Property Owner

Old garage doors can more easily get mutilated during storms and other natural calamities – this can increase your insurance expenses.  New garage doors have a much greater chance of withstanding bad weather. When you install a new garage door, inform your insurance company about this and find out if saving opportunities are available.

Are you Ready to switch to a brand new automatic Garage door in St. Louis? Get it installed by the skilled technicians from Renner Supply and add value to your home.

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Josh has been writing for the New Home Industry and specifically new Garage Door Designs websites including other industry sites for well over 5 years now. His experience in helping people find the right Custom Garage Door and Garage Door Replacement is all well noted in popular industry publications as well. Josh specializes in providing reviews of companies and websites around the New Home and Commercial building industries.
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