Things You Did Not Know About Garage Doors

Garage Doors in St. LouisIt may surprise you, but it is true that your garage door is the largest moving object in your home. Therefore, we suggest that you understand your garage door better by knowing a few facts about how its features and usefulness has changed with time. 

Here is a compilation of facts you need to know about Garage Doors in St. Louis.

1.    Your garage door can take up to six times more space than your main door and can take up to 30% of the frontal view of your home.

2.    The National Consumer Survey states that more than 70% of owners get into their homes using their garage door openers.

3.    A garage door can increase your home’s appraisal value by about 4% and 71% of homeowners replaced their garage doors thinking it will increase the value of their homes.

4.    According to the US Census Characteristics of New Housing, 23% of houses comprising of one family and built in 2014 had a garage with the capacity to accommodate three or more cars as compared to only 11% back in 1992.

5.    More than 90% of garage door manufacturers offer garage door design tools on their websites.

6.    During a natural calamity such as high winds, a home can often be destroyed starting with the garage door. Therefore, it is imperative to install a sturdy, well insulated and reinforced garage door.

7.    Never attempt to repair or install a garage door by yourself. Due to the high tension, it can be extremely fatal and lead to injury and even death. Should you need assistance from an expert? Contact the experienced Garage Door Repair Company in St. Louis.

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Why Should You Replace Your Old Garage Door?

garage doors in St. LouisMaintaining the exterior of your house and making it look great will help keep your home’s value.  It also creates an eye-catching first impression which is vital in maintaining the value of your home.  There are several advantages for the home owner when their garage door is maintained. Doubtful?  Here are 5 reasons, which state the need for a replacement of garage doors in St. Louis

1.    Bring Down Your Heating Bills

Traditional garage door systems are poorly insulated and can cause an increase in your utility bills due to constant heating and cooling.  An insulated garage door, will help to keep a considerable amount of heat in the interior of the garage and minimizes the need to heat the main door entrance and the rooms located next to the garage, thereby creating a comfortable environment and wallet friendly.

2.    Increases Your Home’s Value

The first thing that people see before walking into your home is the exterior and garage doors.  When you replace your old garage door, you automatically increase the value of your home.  A study says that a garage door replacement can bring in 83% of ROI when you put your house up for sale.

3.    Minimize Required Maintenance

Old garage doors constantly require maintenance and it can be expensive.  Installing a new automatic door for the garage can save money and time.  The new insulated garage doors require less maintenance and easily are kept clean with a little soap and water.

4.    Strengthens the Security of the House

The garage doors of today are hard to break in, because of the type of materials used and the cutting edge installation procedures.  This makes your home safer.

5.    Minimizes the Insurance Rates of the Property Owner

Old garage doors can more easily get mutilated during storms and other natural calamities – this can increase your insurance expenses.  New garage doors have a much greater chance of withstanding bad weather. When you install a new garage door, inform your insurance company about this and find out if saving opportunities are available.

Are you Ready to switch to a brand new automatic Garage door in St. Louis? Get it installed by the skilled technicians from Renner Supply and add value to your home.

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Garage Door Myths that You Must Never Believe

Garage doors in St. LouisCustomers looking for garage door installation services often have many questions. Garage doors are an important part of the home or commercial space and seeking the right advice for the installation process is essential. Read on to find out some common myths about garage doors that you must ignore.

Myth 1: Garage doors are all the same

Garage doors in St. Louis come in different sizes, designs and materials. Each type of garage door has its own advantage and a solid purpose. It is important for the building owner to discuss the multiple garage door constructions, designs and budget with the garage door installation company before making a choice.

Myth 2: Garage doors are only a functional element of the home

Contrary to popular belief, garage doors are both functional and add aesthetic value. In fact, a good garage door can increase the resale value of the home. With a good installation company by your side, the process must be completed to perfection.

Myth 3: Noisy garage doors are a normal thing

Not necessarily! Too much noise from the garage door could mean poor installation or the possibility of failure of some critical component of the door system. Regular maintenance of the door assures minimum noise and smooth functioning for the long-term.

Myth 4: Insulation of garage doors is not recommended

St. Louis garage doors with insulation can reduce the loss of heat by 70% and are indeed very effective. The insulation technology used for garage doors have come a long way in recent years and can be highly relied upon.

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3 Things to consider when in the market for a stellar Garage Door


Just like homeowners have their unique personalities, so do homes. This is precisely why you must find the ideal garage door to match up to your living space. You will be pleased to know that there is a myriad of options available and homeowners are spoiled for choices when deciding between traditional or contemporary designs.

Be sure to heed these considerations when purchasing garage doors in St. Louis  so that you are happy with your installation!

•    Do you need insulation?

This depends on whether or not your garage is centrally heated. In certain cases this area is an extension of the home, which is why it shares the heating. If you wish the area to stay warm and you want to eliminate an excessively high power bill, then you may need insulated doors.

•    A need for energy optimization and noise control

Insulated installations are sought after for reasons of energy optimization. The advanced models have a combination of thermal breaks and high levels of insulation. Proper weather stripping aids you in restricting outside elements coming from the street.

•    Making a decision based on the positioning of your garage

One of the most overlooked aspects is the positioning of your garage. In case the door is exposed to direct sunlight for most morning hours or if it occasionally faces harsh gusts of wind, you may need insulation. It is just another way to exercise a bit of control over the heat in the internal environment.

Since you probably want your purchase to last you many seasons, it would be prudent to elect an installation that has the option of garage door repair in St. Louis. This is a sure-fire way of ensuring that you can make minor repairs and adjustments to your door any time necessary.

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Cautions You Must Heed When Seeking Garage Door Repair

When your garage door is broken or you realize that the mechanism simply malfunctioned, your best hope is a service company. Indeed opting for repair can save you a great sum of money that purchase would entail. Nonetheless, there are some cautions you must notice when you look for repair of garage doors in St. Louis. This write-up explains some of them.

1.    Ask for an Estimate

Beware of companies that promise to repair but do not reveal how much it will cost you. The last thing you want is undertaking repair in a hurried manner only to realize that the expense far exceeds your budget. Ask for an estimate of the expense and move forward only if the amount seems reasonable. The right company will give you a prior intimation of the cost and also insist on the use of branded spares to ensure quality in the repair job.

2.    Beware of Profit-mongering service Companies

There are several companies out there that will try to maximize their gains by advising you to go in for a new purchase instead of seeking repair. Opting for imprudent advice can lead to wastage of funds when you purchase a new unit or even parts and other services that are unnecessary. So you must beware of such recommendations and try to gauge the extent of damage done to your door first.

3.    Seek Knowledgeable Technicians

You are looking for people with a specific profile and it is an experienced one. A wide expanse of field-related knowledge is a necessity in the professionals you seek. The technicians you hire should specialize in garage doors and have widespread renown for servicing the same.

It is only a knowledgeable professional for garage door repair St. Louis that can give you an apt recommendation and fix the issue without furthering his own interest.

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Choosing the Right Garage Door for Your Home

Choosing your garage door is no longer considered something secondary. There are quite a few factors to consider, the primary of which include basic material, price and style. Garage doors come in different types and are priced accordingly ranging from basic stock offerings to architecturally perfected custom doors. Here are some things to keep in mind when you choose a garage door for your home.

For Stock Doors

A basic steel garage door comes without windows and with limited panel designs. Each upgrade you make from here on affects the price of your door. These upgrades can include insulation properties, steel thickness, and the construction of your door [single-layer (steel), double-layer (steel + insulation), triple-layer (steel + insulation + steel)] along with the extent to which you customize your selection.

For Semi-Custom Doors

For this style, home owners get to select from a larger variety of panel designs, including carriage-styles, to create a door that will best suit their home. There are more types available in this range compared to stock doors. On the low end, you have a variety of solid colors to choose from as well as woodgrain colors in low-maintenance steel. On the high end, you have three-section tall designs, instead of four, to help deliver a more authentic carriage house look or low-maintenance overlay designs with custom options.

For Custom  Doors

Custom Wood doors start with a 1 ¼” styrene-insulated sub-panel. Standard wood species for design base and overlay is Select-grade Tight-Knot Cedar. Additional wood species are available upon request. These garage doors are made of high-quality materials and can greatly enhance your home’s design quality. If you want a custom door, you can have plans for the door architecturally drawn and sent to the manufacturing line. Additionally, Full-view doors continue to grow in popularity, helping bring the outdoors into your home.

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